During this challenging time, the RDOS would like the community to Stay Safe, Stay Connected and Stay Active. Staying active is essential to maintaining our mental and physical health, especially at a time like this. We understand there are challenges to staying active during a public health emergency and we are here to help support individuals and communities with recreation resources. Please continue to check our website for more information on community challenges, recent information releases, how to stay active and community specific information/resources.

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RDOS PLAY has launched a one of a kind Physical Activity Trailer or “PAT”. Focusing on physical literacy, safe play and reduction of sedentary behavior PAT aims to increase access to recreation. PAT is packed full of great equipment, such as disc golf, hula hoops, bocce, badminton, and much more that will make recreation and play as easy as 1-2-3!  Click on the PAT trailer to see when we will be in your neighbourhood